Lighting Design

Lighting design allows a designer to exert their expertise on the available lighting technology and equipment through their understanding of a project’s or building’s objectives, goals and the owner’s budget on lighting. Lighting is an aspect of electrical engineering; designed by electrical engineers of a structure’s design team although theirs is plainly the electrical requirements and code standards of electric lighting which does not involve the overall aesthetic sensitivities involved in the architectural design. The roles of professional lighting in the technologies involved in structural engineering services include

lighting design

Aesthetic value

The technicalities of electricity and light designing require a deep understanding of the two aspects. This includes the understanding of nature, sources of light as well as vision blended with a general sensitivity to the aesthetic nature of light designing in architectural projects. The idea is to come up with a design that meets the needs of the human eye’s vision while at the same time illuminate the building or architectural form together with its surrounding environment.

Provide Visibility

The main objective of lighting is to provide the occupants of a building or architectural form a means to see whatever they do. The design process ensures this is done by providing for lighting design in its budget as a means to enhance on the architecture while providing lighting and at the same time reduce the energy costs of the building by aligning the lighting process with
the construction process.

commercial building lighting design

Illuminate the building and its design

The architecture of a building is reinforced with lighting design which illuminates the architectural forms and surfaces. The finishing touches of a building such as surfaces of an interior require good lighting design knowledge and expertise to determine the best lighting quantities that suit the finishing’s. For instance, dark wood finishes often blend well with bright lights to brighten the space of a building.