Fire Protection Engineering

Fire protection engineering is the use of technology and science to protect property and human beings from fire tragedies. The development of a fire protection plan is done by fire protection engineers when coming up with the design and construction of a building. The aspect of fire protection has evolved over the years with new advancements in technology and science.

fire protection engineer

The process involved in fire protection engineering includes the analysis of potential fire hazards, mitigation through design, arrangement and construction of buildings, incorporation of materials, structures and transportation systems to reduce the effects of fire and fire investigation programs. This ensures the right engineering is put forward to mitigate and help reduce fire destruction in buildings.

The role of fire protection engineering in structural design is to provide a comprehensive fire and life safety system. The design systems may sometimes be considered structural in form i.e. fire resistance design systems, or mechanical i.e. smoke control systems, fire-fighters stand pipes, fire sprinklers or even electrical i.e. the fire alarms. Fire protection engineers usually come in during the early stages of building planning to reduce engineering and design costs and also to provide better design flexibility and better fire safety tools.